Naomi Empowers

MBA postgraduate, Naomi works with business owners, helping them to master their mindset, level up and get unstuck. She chats to Sonia.

Naomi Empowers

01.06.21 5PM | Staff Writer

Born to Ghanaian and Grenadian parents, Naomi Empowers is a Transformational Coach, Business Consultant, Lecturer, Inspirational Speaker and Author who works with aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners helping them to master their mindset, level up and get unstuck. 

Through her blended coaching and consulting approach, Naomi specialises in helping people move from where they are now, to where they ultimately want to be. 

As a solo parent raising two young children, Naomi is no stranger to the challenges associated with juggling parenthood and entrepreneurship. She has faced many defeats but not been defeated. 

Naomi’s personal mission is to become the very best version of herself, realise her potential, die empty and empower others to do the same. 

Graduating at the top of her class with an MBA, Naomi is passionate about finding creative solutions to business problems and providing the support business owners need to overcome and make meaningful progress. 

Whether as a coach, consultant, lecturer, speaker or author, Naomi is bound to leave you inspired, empowered and liberated. 

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