Tolu Frimpong

Tolu Frimpong

Money Coach Tolu Frimpong tells all about her experience going from £36,000 in the red to living life debt-free.

Tolu Frimpong

26.04.21 9AM | Owning It with iOla

After finding herself in over £36,000 consumer debt, she decided it was time to turn things around. Tolu resorted to self-help books, videos and podcasts on personal finance. Within 2 years, she was able to pay off all her debts.

Tolu Frimpong is now a Money Coach, Blogger and YouTuber. Since becoming debt-free, Tolu has made it her mission to help other people achieve debt freedom too. In her debut eBook “How I Paid Off £36,000 Debt” she outlines the 10 steps she took to achieve debt freedom. Tolu also hosts a show on Instagram called T-Money Talks where she’s joined each week by a special guest(s) to discuss taboo money topics.

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